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Links to Other Oregon and West Coast
Wildflower Pages

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    The site I visit most often is:
UC Berkeley Digital Photo Library
It is generally designed for users who know either the scientific name or the common name of the plant though it does have a menu option for browsing.
    Another site I visit almost as often is:
Burke Museum Image Collection at the Univ. of Wash.
I'm able to easily bring up image pages for any genus they have listed. There is a thumbnail for each species and most species have a short description of the leaves, flowers, etc.

    To check where a particular genus or species might be found in the state of Oregon, I use:
(This link appears to be broken at this time.)
The Oregon Plant Atlas operated by Oregon State Univ. and the Oregon Floral Project
It is generally designed for users who know the scientific name of the plant in which they are interested. It runs a Java applet so you will need to have your browser set appropriately.
    The first of the next two links provides an introduction to the scientific approach to the plant identification process. It is part of the Botany online - The Internet Hypertextbook which is hosted by the Univerity of Hamburg in Germany.    Although it tends to get very scientific at many points, some basics can be gained by skimming through it.
    The second link leads to a page that could be used to identify likely plant families (from a set of 400+ families) by checking the appropriate items in a list of 180 plant features.    Be sure to check the appropriate continent at the bottom of the list.
    If you find the second link useful, you may want to download a Windows program that provides similar functionality.
How to Identify Plants -- Important Features of Flowering Plants
World Wide Flowering Plant Family Identification
    Karen Halliday has created a set of Web pages featuring photos that she and her father have taken of Oregon wildflowers. Karen has assembled an even better collection of native bird photos.
Karen's Wildflowers - Contents