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Tigard Schools Through the Years

1853 - The first school is completed. It is said to have been a log building near the downtown McDonald's and Rite Aid store.
1865 - The first Tualatin school opens. It was replaced in 1900 with a new 2-room school built on Boones Ferry Road. In 1909 this structure was raised enough for 2 more rooms to be added below it.

1869 - The original log school house is replaced by a frame structure.
East Butte School
East Butte School
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1889 - The first Durham school opens.
1896 - A 2 story school opens on Pacific Highway.
1912 - The first Metzger school opens. This school was destroyed by fire around 1965, and the current school was built to replace it.
1918 - The 2 story school on Pacific Highway is damaged by a fire. Students are housed in temporary quarters until 1922.
1919 - The first Durham school is replaced with the building that is currently the Durham Center.
Durham School
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1922 - The first C.F. Tigard School opens on Pacific Highway.
1927 - The first Tigard high school is completed on the same site where the first log school had stood - near the downtown McDonald's and Rite Aid store (2008).
1931 - St. Anthony school erected.

1953 - The current Tigard High School opens on Durham Road.   The first Tigard High School becomes Fowler Junior High - named for Thomas Fowler who was principal of Tigard High School from 1928 until his death in 1954.
Tigard High School

1956 - Phil Lewis School opens on Sw 72nd Avenue. (Closed in 1997)

1960 - Twality Jr. High opens on 97th Avenue, south of McDonald Street.
TwalityMiddle School

1965 - James Templeton Elementary School opens on Murdock Street. This school is named in honor of James Templeton who served as principal of C.F. Tigard.
James Templeton School

1974 - Fowler Middle opens on Walnut Street. (Also named for Thomas Fowler.)
Fowler Middle School

1976 - The old building that once housed Fowler Junior High and the Tigard High School is torn down.

1979 - Mary Woodward Elementary School opens. The school was named after Mary Woodward, a Tigard resident and nature enthusiast.
Mary Woodward Elementary School

1997 - Deer Creek Elementary opens in the King City area. The Phil Lewis school is closed.

2004 - The new C.F. Tigard Elementary opens near Pacific Highway and Walnut Street. The old school is torn down.
C.F. Tigard Elementary School

2005 - Aberta Rider Elementary School opens on the south side of Bull Mountain to serve that part of the community. The school was named in honor of Alberta Rider who moved to a home near the school site in 1945.
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