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Early Death Records From Morrison County, Minnesota

These pages are the result of my initial efforts to computerize the death records of Morrison County, MN, from the period prior to 1907. Because these records are NOT duplicated by state records, this effort will make them more widely accessible to anyone wishing to use them in their genealogical research. Use your browser's find feature to locate the surnames you are seeking.
My effort is dedicated to and inspired by all the volunteers, in particular the many chapters of the DAR and numerous individuals, who have done similar projects in other parts of the US and have made my research so much easier.
Although Morrison Co., MN, was not the "pioneer hub" like other places such as the eastern US or Ohio, it is still the ancestral home of many families which now have branches throughout the country. For that reason I felt it worthwhile to take the time to duplicate these records for wider distribution to any one interested in using them.
The table below outlines which records I have computerized:

AThrough 1910 Top
BThrough 1948
CThrough 1984
DThrough 1891
EThrough 1894
FThrough 1889
GThrough part 1890
HThrough 1889
IThrough 1908
JThrough 1889
KThrough part 1890
LThrough 1889
MThrough part 1891
McThrough 1895
NThrough part 1890
OThrough 1893
PThrough 1890
QThrough 1900
RThrough 1889
SThrough 1889
TThrough 1895
VThrough part 1891
WThrough 1889
XNo entries
YThrough 1907
ZThrough 1907 Top

Morrison County Vital Statistics

The Morrison County Recorder can provide copies of original documents for a fee. Many death records include additional information useful to family researchers. Some even contain names of the deceased's parents.
Like most county offices, the Morrison County Recorder has a very limited staff and is not able to provide records if the date of the event is unknown.
Morrison County Recorder
213 SE 1st Avenue
Little Falls, MN 56345

Explanation of Notes

Three different codes appear in the column labeled Notes. I have marked certain names for the following:
DQ & Q - About 10% of the entries for the period covering the 1870's and 1880's do not show record references for Book, Page, or Line. The names and dates may have been gathered from some other source (such as records of the City of Little Falls or from hospital records), however, the staff at the county recorder's office was unable to explain the reason for this.
DQ - Indicates one of these records from the year 1881, which appears to have been a period during which diphtheria took a heavy toll on the population of Morrison County. 50% more deaths were recorded in that one year than in the year before or the two years which followed.
Q - The book and page indicated for these names is only a guess. As with the aforementioned entries, the official county index is blank after these names. The book and page indicated here is only an approximation of where the record MAY have been recorded.
SP - Initial work on this project (for the letters A, B, C, & D) was done from a handwritten copy of the county's index. At times I found the handwriting questionable and have marked those records to indicate that the spelling in this volume may be incorrect.